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In a school, whether its grade school or a college campus, use your power to choose wisely as energy usage is high during the day. According to Electricity Scouts, nothing can prove to be a huge consumer of energy than a school that is running 8-10 hours a day from heating the building to inefficient lighting fixtures. Thus as concluded, a high utility overhead maintenance and extra electric rates payment become a norm.
ChoiceGenie: The Texas electric broker is going to be covering 13 practical ways you can start saving energy in schools to become a greener, environment-friendly, and more sustainable facility overall. 
Action # 01: Replace Lighting Fixtures
Tube lighting in school facilities is most common, especially in the hallways, classrooms, and almost anywhere with lower ceilings that are flat. Not much of a power setter, are we? Tube lighting technology is, more often than not, fluorescent. This particular energy choice actually isn’t the efficient one with respect to more efficient lighting technologies available out there. So what should we go for? 
Well, LED technology is by far the most efficient luminaire on the market today. 
Use your power to switch from fluorescent to LED, you will be able to pay less for power, for about a 30% in electric energy consumption associated with your tube lights.  Metal halide or HPS over to LED is an effective switch away when it comes to your parking lot, exterior walls of your school and sports fields. You will soon realize that it provides greater energy savings by up to 75%! 
Action # 02: Install Sensors – Occupancy ones
Some areas, say, hallways of your building, may not be in use at all times where the lights would be on otherwise. My Think Energy, that is ChoiceGenie encourages installing occupancy sensors which turn on when there is movement, you will be able to have lights on only when the area is needed. The back hallway that is only used a few times a day all of the time, how about no more needing to illuminate it? 
Action # 03: Turn off Lights
You can have all of the technology in the world, but if you do not opt for affordable electricity plans and do not turn off lights that need to be turned off manually, you will be facing a great waste of electricity and (electric choice) in your building that can’t really be fixed otherwise. 

To solve this, opt for vault electricity. Before that, make sure an email goes out to every staff member (and maybe even the students) stating there is a new initiative in energy reduction on campus. Believe it or not, a lot of people will listen and be more aware of it next time they leave a room. 
Action # 04: Invest in Energy Management System
ChoiceGenie: Choose Texas power recommends installing an energy management system, such as a thermostat control and timer, so that you will be able to more effectively control the heat. You will have full control of cooling your building outputs through the day, week, month, and year.

Remember, when it is done manually, there is no such accurate with timing and hence; excess waste of energy for heating and cooling unoccupied buildings. Setting timers is a smart choice to tell the system when to go on and off, depending on the time and even the day, and, of course, veteran energy has all the power, no matter what.
Action # 05: Clean Furnace Filters
Having a dirty filter on anything, as we all know, reduces its efficiency either you are going with effective electricity rates or not. When you have dirty filters on your furnace, undoubtedly, you will be running at less-than-optimal levels. An easy fix is to simply let the maintenance team know they need to be maintaining the clean filters regularly. 
Action # 06: Computers = Energy
Before you choose energy, remember, screensavers don’t conserve energy. But, nothing saves computer energy more-so than a screensaver that is in the “sleep” function. On top of that, next time you plan on upgrading your computers, make sure you buy qualified ones and compare power as you move along.
As ChoiceGenie: The Texas electricity rating provider say, qualified ones mean they’ve passed some rigorous energy efficiency tests and are much more energy efficient than non-qualified computers are.
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